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Neenah Gessner GmbH Feldkirchen-Westerham, special papers

The background of the experiment was a replacement of a Polymer – Inverter system at a sewage treatment plant. After consulting Mr. Waubert de Puiseau, we place the Ecowirl m 50 directly in the pie. We adjusted the water pressure to 2 bar. After the start we saw that we can reduce the amount of polymer. From the original dosage of 70 ml/h, we have reached now 40ml/h, which corresponds to a reduction and savings of 40 %. This amount could now be successfully run for over 2 weeks.

Conclusion of the experiment for us: “The Ecowirl can be seen as a complete replacement of an inverter system. The success and operational reliability speak for themselves”.

Armin Niederhuber, Neenah Gessner  GmbH, head of production PM 3 & PM 5

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Tönnesmann & Vogel GmbH Co.KG, special papers

“As the first paper factory, we are relying on the ecowirl technology for already a year. In the area of flotation, ecowirl a and ecowirl m. The ecowirl m is also used for the retention agent. We witnessed an instant reduction of costs in retention agent of 25 % or an increase in the capacity of the entire system. The process idea – directly from the container – is really smart, and brings compelling economical results with significant simplification in the handling.”

Dipl.-Ing. Caspar Tönnesmann, CEO

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Julius Schulte Trebsen GmbH & Co.Kg, testliner and corrugated board

“We have a paper machine with two fourdrinier wires and the same material input. The turbidity of the sieved water is in both cases electronically monitored and regulated by the inflow of retention agent. The adjustment control reduced the inflow by 30 % after using the ecowirl® m “smartmixer”. We reduced again the conventional amount of dose and our retention improved by 7.5 %. We have bought more Smartmixers.”

Andreas Kretschmer, head of technology, Schulte & Söhne Trebsen

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garda cartiere, wood-free coated paper

“We have successfully tested the ecowirl® m for several months for cationic polymers and we could witness a perfect hygiene in the entire area after the dosing. This is especially important for us, because we operate online coaters. We use the system now for the retention agent on our PM 3, directly preceding the head box.”

Garda Cartiere, William Mascher, head of production department PM